Led Light - Twin Head

Led Light - Twin Head
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With Motion Sensor

With Motion Sensor

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  • Led Aluminium Profile
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  • Led Aluminum Profile



  • Alarm - 220v - 390w - SONOFF
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  • Alarm-220v - 390w
  • Inverter - 3.6KW - Hybrid - Deye
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  • DEYE

    Hybrid Inverter ON/OFF GRID



    SUN3.6-K-SG05LP-1EU           SUN5-K-SG05LP-1EU 
    Battery Input Data
    Battery Type Lead-acid or Li-Ion
    Battery Voltage Range (V) 60~40v
    Max. Charging Current (A)             90A                                          120A
    Max. Discharging Current (A)             90A                                          120A
    External Temperature Sensor Optional
    Charging Curve 3 Stages / Equalization
    Charging Strategy for Li-Ion Battery Self-adaption to BMS
    PV String Input Data
    Max. DC Input Power (W)              4680w                                       6500w
    Rated PV Input Voltage (V) 370v(100v~500v)
    Start-up Voltage (V) 150v
    MPPT Voltage Range (V) 425-125v
    Full Load DC Voltage Range (V) 425-240v
    PV Input Current (A) 11A+11A
    No. of MPPT trackers
    No. of strings per MPPT  tracker
    AC Output Data
    Rated AC Output and UPS Power (W)                3600                                         5000
    Max. AC Output Power (W)                 3960                                         5500
    AC Output Rated Current (A)                15.7A                                          21.7A
    Max. AC Current (A)                  18A                                            25A
    Max. Continuous AC Passthrought (A) 35A
    Peak Power (off grid) 2 time of rated power, 10$
    Power Factor 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging
    Output Frequency and Voltage 6./50Hz; 240/230/220Vac(single phase)
    Grid Type Single Phase
    DC Injection current (mA) THD<%3 (Linear load<%1.50
    Max. Efficiency %97.60
    Euro. Efficiency %96.50
    MPPT Efficiency %99.90
    PV Arc Fault Detection
    PV Input lightning protection Integrated
    anti-islanding protection Integrated
    PV string input reserve polarity protection Integrated
    insulation resistor detection Integrated
    residual current monitoring unit Integrated
    output over current protection Integrated
    output shorted protection Integrated
    surge protection DC Type II/ AC Type II
  • Kit Water Pump Inverter - 55kw - OREX
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  • Pump Inverter: OREX 55KW

    Panels: 110 LONGI - 545W

    + Reactor 55kw ( FOR FREE)

    Price NOT included installation

  • Kit Water Pump Inverter - 45kw - OREX
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  • Pump Inverter: OREX 45KW

    Panels: 100 LONGI - 545W

    + Reactor 45kw ( FOR FREE)

    Price NOT included installation